London-Based Artist Invents Placrylics — The First Sustainable & Plastic-Free Acrylic Paint

Eric Block
3 min readMay 17, 2021


Artist Hana with her new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II utilising Placrylics

Artist Hana is a London-Based creator who has just invented the first plastic-free acrylic paint. She recently launched her new range of paints, called Placrylics, alongside pure pigments and a plant-based gel which has the ability to revolutionise how traditional artistic materials are made today.

With ingredients including coconut shells, chlorophyll and succulents, Hana Eco Paints are a response to the growing concerns on the use of harmful plastics and toxic materials in art supplies which are detrimental not only for the environment but also for the artist using them. Entirely made from plants, the paints are available in colours including Coconut Black, Chlorophyll Green, Plant White, Fauna Marine Blue, Chlorophyll Blue and Succulent Red and utilise environmentally friendly glass containers and packaging.

The paints have already received praise from notable artists including Keith Coventry who said: ‘The black had a satisfying density and rich appearance and retained the impression of the brush stroke well. When mixed with the gel the potential for working wet on wet was good as the drying time was generous and works well on paper’. The artist duo Cullian Richards has also praised ‘’Love the ashy black super matt and the white covers very well and is versatile with the use of gel, nice and translucent’.

The full range of Placrylics by Hana Eco Paints

Sustainability is a pillar for the artist and her range of paints is no different. While attending art school in California, she found it hard to be around the fumes from paint thinners and always had to wear a mask while working. Through further research, she learned that most paints on the market today contain plastics and harmful chemicals and some paints such as Titanium White are known to be toxic for fish. Being a proponent for sustainability and the environment around her, she was able to create her one-of-a-kind paints entirely from food and sustainable materials, filling a much needed gap in the paint market.

Placrylic paint in Plant White

Artist Hana explains, ‘I want to lead the way to a revolution in the creation of paints which are safer for the environment, but also of the same quality, if not higher, than those that are currently on the market. Ultimately, through my paintings, I want to educate people about the ingredients that are used in traditional art materials and enlighten them about more sustainable ways to create art that doesn’t limit creativity or sacrifice quality’.

The artist, who trained at who trained at Otis College of Design in California, also studied Chemistry and Advanced Materials at The University of Nottingham and recently received her Foundation degree in Coatings Chemistry from The Coatings Institute (British Coatings Federation).

Placrylic pure pigment, Succulent Red

As well and being a paint inventor, she also is a respected emerging artist. Last year in 2020 she held her debut solo show at 50 Brook Street in Mayfair. Her practice includes painting horses, portraits and texture works that also features the quality of her sustainable paint.

Artist Hana will be showcasing her portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at an upcoming show at King House Gallery from 21 May — 29 May 2021.

Placrylic, Plant-Based Gel

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